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  • Pentagon's No.2 General Says North Korea Building New Missiles "Fast"

    Jan 18, 2020 | 20:00 pm

    Pentagon's No.2 General Says North Korea Building New Missiles "Fast" Pentagon's No.2 General Says North Korea Building New Missiles "Fast"The Pentagon's second highest commander while addressing a defense gathering in Washington on Friday accused North Korea of building new missiles "as fast as anybody on the planet". Gen. John Hyten, the vice-chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during remarks that North Korea is “building new missiles, new capabilities, new weapons as fast as anybody on the planet.”The commander of U.S. Strategic Command, Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten. Image source: DoDThe top commander didn't offer any specifics or evidence on the "new missiles" other than the charge comes after talks between Washington and Pyongyang have stalled."If you want to go fast in the missile business you need to test fast, fly fast and learn fast. Look at Space X in this country. There were some pretty spectacular failures. Did they stop? No," Gen. Hyten said during his talk at the Center for Strategic & International Studies in Washington."That is what North Korea has been doing and North Korea has been building new missiles, new capabilities, new weapons as fast as anybody on the planet with the 115th most powerful economy in the world. Speed itself is efficiency," he added.Interestingly Hyten has been a key[…]

  • Could Trump's Next Fed Chair Be A "Goldbug"?

    Jan 18, 2020 | 19:30 pm

    Could Trump's Next Fed Chair Be A "Goldbug"? Could Trump's Next Fed Chair Be A "Goldbug"?Authored by Tho Bishop via The Mises Institute,This week, Donald Trump formally nominated Judy Shelton and Christopher Waller for vacant governorships on the Federal Reserve. Waller, the Vice President of the Richmond Fed, is widely viewed as a standard Fed nominee with the reputation of being a "dove" who has criticized recent interest rate hikes.It is Judy Shelton who is particularly interesting.A former campaign adviser for Trump, Shelton has been a vocal Fed critic who has praised the gold standard in the past. While she has recently advocated for lower interest rates, she has also been a critic of the Fed's policy of paying interest on excess reserves that has become a key policy tool since 2008. Shelton's nomination is also interesting  due to her background standing in stark contrast to most of her colleagues. As Joseph Salerno has noted:The good news is that Ms. Shelton is not a technically trained academic economist, indoctrinated in the prevailing orthodoxy. She holds a doctorate in business administration from the University of Utah and has spent most of her career in the world of free-market policy think tanks, including stints at the Hoover Institute and the Atlas Network. She also writes refreshingly and articulately in favor[…]

  • Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian "Assault Weapons" Ban

    Jan 18, 2020 | 19:00 pm

    Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian "Assault Weapons" Ban Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian "Assault Weapons" BanEver since Virginia's Democrats retook the state assembly and Senate in November, Democratic Gov. Ralph "blackface" Northam and the legislature have been gearing up to pass a draconian gun control bill.Unsurprisingly, many Virginians feel strongly about preserving their second amendment rights, and the state has traditionally enforced a more permissive stance toward firearm ownership. But now, lawmakers are tossing around ideas like an "assault weapons ban" - language that has been criticized as vague and even nonsensical. Several moderate Democrats have even expressed reservations about supporting a sweeping gun-control bill if it includes the ban."A lot of people don’t really understand assault weapons and how complicated the issue really is," said Democratic Sen. John Edwards. "It’s going to be very difficult to figure out a way to do it. But we’re studying it, that’s all I can say."And yet, lawmakers are pressing ahead, prompting a vicious backlash that has even prompted Gov. Northam to declare a state of Emergency because armed militia groups planned to storm the capitol. As the gun-control debate rages, thousands of Virginians have been rushing to gun stores across the state to buy up firearms before[…]

  • "GAO Is Wrong" - Dershowitz Says Trump Had Right To Withhold Ukraine Funds

    Jan 18, 2020 | 18:30 pm

    "GAO Is Wrong" - Dershowitz Says Trump Had Right To Withhold Ukraine Funds GAO Is Wrong - Dershowitz Confirms Trump Had Right To Withhold Ukraine FundsAuthored by Alan Dershowtiz via The Gatestone Institute,U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) has gotten the constitutional law exactly backwards. It said that the "faithful execution of the law" - the Impoundment Control Act- "does not permit the president to substitute his own policy priorities for those congress has enacted into law ."Yes, it does - when it comes to foreign policy.The Constitution allocates to the president sole authority over foreign policy (short of declaring war or signing a treaty). It does not permit Congress to substitute its foreign policy preferences for those of the president.To the extent that the statute at issue constrains the power of the president to conduct foreign policy, it is unconstitutional.Consider the following hypothetical situation: Congress allocates funds to Cuba (or Iran or Venezuela). The president says that is inconsistent with his foreign policy and refuses to release the funds. Surely the president would be within his constitutional authority. Or consider the actual situation that former President Barack Obama created when he unilaterally made the Iran deal and sent that enemy of America billions of dollars without congressional approval. I do not recall the[…]

  • Morbidly Obese "Jabba The Jihadi" ISIS Leader Caught In Iraq

    Jan 18, 2020 | 18:00 pm

    Morbidly Obese "Jabba The Jihadi" ISIS Leader Caught In Iraq Morbidly Obese "Jabba The Jihadi" ISIS Leader Caught In IraqA long 'most wanted' ISIS mufti responsible for ordering gruesome killings, kidnappings, rapes, as well as the destruction of the northern Iraqi city of Mosul's ancient heritage has been captured by an elite Iraqi SWAT team raid.The massively obese terror leader named Shifa al-Nima, known within the Islamic State as Abu Abdul Bari, has been dubbed “Jabba the Jihadi” and photos posted online showed that after his capture police had to load him onto the back of a flatbed truck to accommodate his some 560-pounds. Considered one of the biggest captures in recent months due to his heading up still active but underground "ISIS gangs" in the region, he was nabbed at his hideout in Mosul earlier this week. Lately he was known to issue sermons and messages to his followers to target Iraqi police. And according to an Iraqi police statement, “He is considered one of the foremost leaders of ISIS and was responsible for issuing fatwas that led to the murder of scholars and clerics.”The fat mufti was also well-known for issuing a fatwa in 2014 to bomb one of Mosul's most revered pilgrimage sites — a mosque believed to be site of the tomb of the Prophet Jonah — which attracted[…]

  • Living On Borrowed Time

    Jan 18, 2020 | 17:30 pm

    Living On Borrowed Time Living On Borrowed TimeAuthored by MN Gordon via EconomicPrism.com,Practically the entirety of Congress now believes that the ability to pay should not limit the ability to promise people whatever they want.  There’s no poll of members of Congress to support this assertion.  We base it on what they’ve communicated by real, material actions.Remember, per the Constitution, Congress – and in particular, the House of Representatives – is vested with the “power of the purse.”  They retain the authority to tax and spend public money for the federal government.  Over the last 50 years Congress has demonstrated they give less than half a rip about the government’s ability to pay.Congress may be good at taxing.  But they’re even better at spending.  According to the Treasury Department, the annual budget deficit, the shortfall between tax receipts and spending, for the 2019 calendar year topped $1.02 trillion.  But that’s nothing…The budget deficit for the first three months of the 2020 fiscal year, which started in October, is up 12 percent over this time last year.  Specifically, the deficit for the first three months of the 2020 fiscal year is $357 billion.  At this rate, the annual 2020 fiscal year deficit will eclipse $1.4 trillion.The[…]

  • Northeast Next Stop For Large-Scale Winter Storm 

    Jan 18, 2020 | 17:00 pm

    Northeast Next Stop For Large-Scale Winter Storm  Northeast Next Stop For Large-Scale Winter Storm The National Weather Service (NWS) warned a powerful winter storm could affect travel for millions of people across the Midwest and Northeast this weekend.A significant winter storm continues to impact areas from the Midwest and Northern Plains to the Ohio Valley. Meanwhile, snow is pushing into the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this morning, and will gradually change to sleet and freezing rain across parts of those regions. pic.twitter.com/T2b9AIHUDl— National Weather Service (@NWS) January 18, 2020The storm is so massive, that two-thirds of the U.S. will be under weather advisors on Saturday. Accumulating snow is expected in the Upper Midwest, Great Lakes, and parts of the Northeast through Saturday. Snow totals could range from 6 to 12 inches in some regions. A sprawling winter storm will continue to produce blizzard conditions, areas of moderate to heavy snow and freezing rain through Saturday. Check https://t.co/VyWINDBEpn for local impacts. pic.twitter.com/nM24Rd7iT1— National Weather Service (@NWS) January 18, 2020"This storm will produce a widespread footprint of heavy snows from the Upper Mississippi Valley, across the Great Lakes, northern N.Y. State into central to the north of New England with snow totals in the 6 to 12 "+ range possible," NWS wrote.Snow will end[…]

  • If Promoting Wealth Inequality & Social Breakdown Is Bad, The Fed Is Evil

    Jan 18, 2020 | 16:30 pm

    If Promoting Wealth Inequality & Social Breakdown Is Bad, The Fed Is Evil If Promoting Wealth Inequality & Social Breakdown Is Bad, The Fed Is EvilAuthored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,The Fed will destroy the nation by widening the wealth/income inequality that is breaking down the nation's social order.President Reagan was widely mocked in America when he declared the Soviet Union an evil empire, but this calling things by their real name had a profound impact in the Eastern Bloc. The mockery stemmed from the secularized American view that there was precious little moral difference between the USSR and the US, that the USSR was a legitimate "alternative system," and that ramping up Cold war tensions was not just dangerous but useless, as the USSR was as permanent (or more so) than the US.None of which turned out to be true. While all nation-states harbor multitudes of sins, the Soviet Empire was unique in its mass suppression of basic human rights, its economic failure to better the lives of its imprisoned populations while its military might soared, and the perverse union of a Kafkaesque bureaucracy and an Orwellian propaganda machine epitomized by the old Soviet-era joke that "we pretend to work and they pretend to pay us."Fast-forward to today's USA where soaring wealth and income inequality[…]

  • Air Force Conducts Ground Test Of Hypersonic X-60A Missile

    Jan 18, 2020 | 15:55 pm

    Air Force Conducts Ground Test Of Hypersonic X-60A Missile Air Force Conducts Ground Test Of Hypersonic X-60A MissilePresident Trump revealed earlier this month that the US is currently developing hypersonic missiles and touted that the weapons were "big, powerful, lethal, and fast."Trump's mention of hypersonic missiles occurred during his national address last Wednesday as he spoke about escalating tensions with Iran.Key points from Trump's address to the nation:*Backs down from taking military action against Iran*Production of hypersonic missiles underway*More sanctions on Iran*US "no longer needs Middle Eastern oil"*Reminds Americans that al-Baghdadi is dead https://t.co/gKGZKaLlpg— GlobalObserver (@GlobalObserver4) January 8, 2020"Our missiles are big, powerful, accurate, lethal, and fast, "Trump said. "Under construction are many hypersonic missiles. The fact that we have this great military and equipment, however, does not mean we have to use it. We do not want to use it. American strength, both military and economic, is the best deterrent," he added.The hypersonic missile under development that President Trump was likely referencing is the US Air Force Research Laboratory's (AFRL) X-60A, an air-launched, single-stage rocket designed to reach speeds of Mach 5 to March 8, reported Flight Global. AFRL moved a step closer to initial flight tests after it recently conducted test firings of its engines while on the ground at[…]

  • Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again

    Jan 18, 2020 | 15:20 pm

    Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon Again Uncle Sam Just Used Its Financial Nuclear Weapon AgainAuthored by Simon Black via SovereignMan.com,In August of 1945, the United States became the only country to drop nuclear bombs on an enemy.Hiroshima and Nagasaki were largely destroyed in the blink of an eye. And the Japanese had no choice but to surrender to the Allies, finally ending World War II.Ever since, world superpowers have been rapidly advancing weapons technology, constantly raising the bar for destructive power.It won’t surprise you to find out that the most powerful and destructive weapon in the world, though, by far, is claimed by the United States.But this weapon has nothing to do with America’s nuclear arsenal. It doesn’t even require bullets.I’m talking about the US dollar.The US is still the world’s dominant superpower, still the largest economy in the world. And the US dollar is still the world’s dominant reserve currency.This means that the VAST MAJORITY of international trade and cross-border financial transactions take place in US dollars. When Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company sells petroleum to the Chinese, that transaction takes place in US dollars. Last year when Air France (a European airline) agreed to purchase 60 jets from Airbus (a European aircraft manufacturer), that[…]

  • 'Leave The Hijab On': Germans Now 'Obsessed' With Refugee Porn

    Jan 18, 2020 | 14:45 pm

    'Leave The Hijab On': Germans Now 'Obsessed' With Refugee Porn 'Leave The Hijab On': Germans Now 'Obsessed' With Refugee PornAfter the mass migration into Germany of roughly a million refugees over the last several years, Germans have become 'obsessed' with refugee porn, according to The Sun, citing data from adult content platform "xhamster," which reports roughly 800,000 monthly searches for the fetish.In fact, entire film companies are now specializing in refugee smut and so-called 'hijab porn' - in which Middle Eastern porn stars in subjugated roles wear their religious headgear while being sexually dominated by white males.According to the report "the headwear often stays on even when all the other garments have been taken off."The majority of refugee porn titles depict female protagonists in subjugated roles, who are often made to look like they have Middle Eastern origins. In explicit scenes, they are often shown as being dominated sexually by white males. A main feature in many of these adult film productions is the wearing of the hijab — the Islamic head covering used by many Muslim women; the religious headwear is frequently fetishized as a symbol representing female migrants as a whole, and only in the rarest of cases is it taken off at all — even if all[…]

  • Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's Problems

    Jan 18, 2020 | 14:10 pm

    Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's Problems Add Salvini's Return To The Growing List Of Europe's ProblemsAuthored by Tom Luongo via The Strategic Culture Foundation,When Matteo Salvini’s Lega won the state elections in Umbria in late October few, if any, noticed. Lega and the Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia took at whopping 53% of the vote, with Lega taking 37%.It was this result that should have had everyone in Brussels worried. But since they had just gotten finished patting themselves on the back for maneuvering around Salvini’s attempt to force an election the month before, the news quickly moved to the back burner amongst all of the Brexit drama.But, the result in Umbria was important because it showed Lega’s ability to turn a center-Left stronghold against history. The Democrats (PD) had held sway there for over fifty years. But no longer.The result showed that even though Salvini was no longer in a governmental office in Rome, his popularity hadn’t waned. It’s clear that polling since then has seen Lega hold its position as the dominant party in Italy, which has Lega commanding 31-33% of the vote.The real story, however, is the surge of the Brothers of Italy (FdL) who are picking up disaffected Forza Italia voters[…]

  • Europe Leads The World In Environmental Protection

    Jan 18, 2020 | 13:35 pm

    Europe Leads The World In Environmental Protection Europe Leads The World In Environmental ProtectionEarlier this week, the European Union unveiled their European Investment Plan aimed at shifting 1 trillion euros into making the economy more environmentally friendly over the next 10 years.Statista's Willem Rpoer reports that the investment plan is in line with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen’s Green Deal, which looks to make the European continent carbon-neutral by 2050. Since taking office, Von der Leyen has made climate change her top priority.European countries have typically been leaders in the fight against climate change, with many ranking lowest in carbon emissions globally and highest in environmental quality. The newest trillion-euro investment plan looks to solidify Europe as the global example for combating global warming as other continents like Asia and North America continue to produce high carbon emissions and lag behind in renewable energy sources.In 2019, Yale University released their Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for all 180 countries in order to gauge which countries had the highest environmental quality and which had the lowest.You will find more infographics at StatistaThe EPI measures two dimensions, environmental health and ecosystem vitality, through numerous metrics that focus on biodiversity, air and water quality, climate and agriculture.European and North American countries held the highest[…]

  • The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro

    Jan 18, 2020 | 13:00 pm

    The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And Euro The Prospects For A Sound-Money Revolt Against The Dollar And EuroAuthored by Brendan Brown via The Mises Institute,In the last decade, the combination of virulent asset price inflation and low reported consumer price inflation crippled sound money as a political force in the US and globally. In the new decade, a different balance between monetary inflation’s “terrible twins” — asset inflation and goods inflation — will create an opportunity for that force to regain strength. Crucial, however, will be how sound money advocacy evolves in the world of ideas and its success in forming an alliance with other causes that could win elections.It is very likely that the deflationary nonmonetary influences of globalization and digitalization, which camouflaged the activity of the goods-inflation twin during the past decade, are already dissipating.The pace of globalization may have already peaked, before the Xi-Trump tariff war. Inflation-fueled monetary malinvestment surely contributed to its prior speed. One channel here was the spread of highly speculative narratives about the wonders of global supply chains.Digitalization’s potential to camouflage monetary inflation in goods and services markets, on the other hand, has come largely via its impact on the dynamics of wage determination. It has forged star firms with[…]

  • Senate Republicans To 'Weaponize' Impeachment Witnesses If Moderate Colleagues Side With Dems

    Jan 18, 2020 | 12:45 pm

    Senate Republicans To 'Weaponize' Impeachment Witnesses If Moderate Colleagues Side With Dems Senate Republicans To 'Weaponize' Impeachment Witnesses If Moderate Colleagues Side With Dems Trump supporting Senate Republicans have warned their moderate GOP colleagues that if they side with the Democrats to force witnesses in the upcoming impeachment trial, they're going to flip the script and weaponize the process to call controversial witnesses such as Hunter Biden and Alexandra Chalupa - people central to the core claims behind the impeachment, yet were ignored like the plague by House Democrats during their investigations.The pressure tactics are the latest shift in strategy as Republican leaders try to navigate the factions in their caucus, where moderates want to leave the potential for witnesses on the table and conservatives are anxious to quickly acquit President Trump. -The HillSen. Rand Paul (R-KY) warned fellow GOP senators that if four or more of them join with Democrats to entertain witness testimony, he'll make sure the Senate holds a vote on subpoenaing President Trump's preferred witnesses - including the Bidens."If you vote against Hunter Biden, you’re voting to lose your election, basically. Seriously. That’s what it is," Paul told Politico on Wednesday. "If you don’t want to vote and you think you’re going to have to vote against Hunter[…]

  • "We Need A Full Investigation": Bannon Accuses Pelosi, Schiff And MSM Of Colluding On 11th Hour Impeachment Bombshells

    Jan 18, 2020 | 08:35 am

    "We Need A Full Investigation": Bannon Accuses Pelosi, Schiff And MSM Of Colluding On 11th Hour Impeachment Bombshells "We Need A Full Investigation": Bannon Accuses Pelosi, Schiff And MSM Of Colluding On 11th Hour Impeachment BombshellsFormer White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has called for a full investigation into coordination between Congressional Democrats and members of the media, after articles of impeachment against President Trump appear to have been deliberately 'slow walked' in order to coincide with two 'bombshell' developments in the Ukraine story."Why did they time this? Why did they wait?" asked Fox Business host Trish Regan."First off, Rachel Maddow should be a witness of fact now. She should be brought in," replied Bannon - referring to the seemingly coordinated media blitz surrounding Lev Parnas, an indicted former Rudy Goiliani associate whose undated, hand-written notes appear to support the claim that President Trump pressured Ukraine into investigating Joe Biden for corruption."We ought to have all the emails and all the text messages between Schiff, between Nancy Pelosi, Phil Griffin at MSNBC News. We ought to bring the whole thing out. How did this get dropped? Why have they been working on this for so long? How did this just come about at the last second? She admitted she's been working on this for months, and the House[…]

  • Escobar Exposes America's Existential Battle To Stop Eurasian Integration

    Jan 18, 2020 | 05:45 am

    Escobar Exposes America's Existential Battle To Stop Eurasian Integration Escobar Exposes America's Existential Battle To Stop Eurasian IntegrationAuthored by Pepe Escobar via The Saker blog,Coming decade could see the US take on Russia, China and Iran over the New Silk Road connectionIranian seamen salute the Russian Navy frigate Yaroslav Mudry while moored at Chabahar on the Gulf of Oman during Iran-Russia-China joint naval drills. The photo was provided by the Iranian Army office on December 27, 2019. Photo: AFP / HO / Iranian Army officeThe Raging Twenties started with a bang with the targeted assassination of Iran’s General Qasem Soleimani.Yet a bigger bang awaits us throughout the decade: the myriad declinations of the New Great Game in Eurasia, which pits the US against Russia, China and Iran, the three major nodes of Eurasia integration.Every game-changing act in geopolitics and geoeconomics in the coming decade will have to be analyzed in connection to this epic clash.The Deep State and crucial sectors of the US ruling class are absolutely terrified that China is already outpacing the “indispensable nation” economically and that Russia has outpaced it militarily. The Pentagon officially designates the three Eurasian nodes as “threats.”Hybrid War techniques – carrying inbuilt 24/7 demonization – will proliferate with the aim of containing China’s “threat,”[…]

  • All The World's Wealth In One Visualization

    Jan 18, 2020 | 05:25 am

    All The World's Wealth In One Visualization All The World's Wealth In One VisualizationThe financial concept of wealth is broad, and it can take many forms.While your wealth is most likely driven by the dollars in your bank account and the value of your stock portfolio and house, Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes that wealth also includes a number of smaller things as well, such as the old furniture in your garage or a painting on the wall.From the macro perspective of a country, wealth is even more all-encompassing — it’s not just about the assets held by private households or businesses, but also those owned by the public. What is the value of a new toll bridge, or an aging nuclear power plant?Today’s visualization comes to us from HowMuch.net, and it shows all of the world’s wealth in one place, sorted by country.Total Wealth by RegionIn 2019, total world wealth grew by $9.1 trillion to $360.6 trillion, which amounts to a 2.6% increase over the previous year.Here’s how that divvies up between major global regions:Last year, growth in global wealth exceeded that of the population, incrementally increasing wealth per adult to $70,850, a 1.2% bump and an all-time high.That said, it’s worth mentioning that Credit Suisse, the authors of the Global[…]

  • The Machines Have Us Trained For Obedience, Paul Craig Roberts

    Jan 18, 2020 | 05:05 am

    The Machines Have Us Trained For Obedience, Paul Craig Roberts The Machines Have Us Trained For Obedience, Paul Craig RobertsAuthored by Paul Craig Roberts,Many decades ago there was an issue of Mad comics that portrayed a future time when everything was done by robots and humans had no function.  One day the system failed. As it had been eons since humans had to do anything, no one knew how to fix the system.  It was Mad comics version of Armageddon.I think that is where the digital revolution is taking us.  I remember when appliances and cars responded to humans, and now humans respond to them.  When I grew up cars and home appliances did not go “beep-beep” to remind you of the things you were supposed to do, such as turn off the car lights and take the keys out of the ignition, or turn off the oven and shut the fridge.Cars, except for British sports cars, didn’t have seat belts.  Today a car doesn’t stop beeping until you fasten your seat belts.  I hear that soon the cars won’t start until the seat belts are fastened. When the electric company’s outsourced crew failed to connect the neutral line to my house and blew out all appliances, sprinkler system, and garage openers, the electric company replaced everything[…]

  • OK Boomer: Ex-Citi Banker Wins Ageism Case After Boss Calls Him "Old... Set In His Ways"

    Jan 18, 2020 | 04:45 am

    OK Boomer: Ex-Citi Banker Wins Ageism Case After Boss Calls Him "Old... Set In His Ways" OK Boomer: Ex-Citi Banker Wins Ageism Case After Boss Calls Him "Old... Set In His Ways"Today in "anytime you fire someone it's always a case of discrimination" news...A former investment banker for Citigroup has won an age discrimination case against the bank after one of his bosses called him "old" and "set in his ways" when he was laid off at age 55.A London Tribunal ruled in the ex-banker's favor this week, finding that Niels Kirk was dismissed unfairly. Kirk had previously been a managing director for energy banking, according to Bloomberg. He had previously been employed at Citigroup for 26 years and wasn't given any warning about a proposed restructuring. Citi says it will appeal the decision.One of his bosses, 54 year old Manolo Falco, denied making the statement but did concede that Kirk “had some very difficult relationships with other senior bankers.” But the judge ruled that Falco's evidence was "less than convincing", while Kirk had taken notes in the meeting. The judge presiding said: “The remark appeared to the tribunal to be the kind of throwaway remark Mr. Falco could make.”The size of any award will be determined at a later hearing. Once an employee proves they are a victim of discrimination, a[…]

  • Could ISIS Take Control Over Iraq's Largest Oil Field?

    Jan 18, 2020 | 04:25 am

    Could ISIS Take Control Over Iraq's Largest Oil Field? Could ISIS Take Control Over Iraq's Largest Oil Field?Via OilPrice.com,As always, it’s the fear of sanctions that provides the leverage Trump seeks in this cat-and-mouse game with Iran. And this time, the leverage is over Iraq, which would like to see both American and Iranian forces out of the country, for obvious reasons. There is nothing ISIS would love more than this. It would also devastate Iraq because the sanctions threatened would include blocking access to Iraq’s U.S.-based account where all the oil revenues are kept. That threat stands if Iraq moves to kick U.S. forces out of the country.That would mean victory for Iran (temporarily). Kicking out Iranian forces is not nearly as simple because the line between state and non-state actors is blurred, at best. A few weeks ago, a U.S. drawdown of military forces in Iraq was already expected, but that now seems unlikely because of the implications. The very military base that Iran attacked following the assassination of General Soleimani was already preparing for a drawdown. In addition to the threat of sanctions on oil money, a U.S. withdrawal would likely open the door for an ISIS return.  What Iraqis WantThere is no consensus on this question, other than the fact that no one[…]

  • Sig Sauer's Next Generation Machine Gun Receives Safety Certification With Special Forces

    Jan 18, 2020 | 04:05 am

    Sig Sauer's Next Generation Machine Gun Receives Safety Certification With Special Forces Sig Sauer's Next Generation Machine Gun Receives Safety Certification With Special ForcesSig Sauer announced Wednesday that the Special Operation Command (USSOCOM) had granted it with a safety certification for the new MG 338 Machine Gun, 338 Norma Mag Ammunition, and Next Generation Suppressors. A press release from the Sig Sauer details that upon safety certification, it will deliver multiple MG 338 Machine Guns, thousands of rounds of 338 Norma Mag Ammunition, along with high-tech silencers. "The safety certification of the complete SIG SAUER MG 338 system and delivery of the system to USSOCOM is historically very significant. For the first time in decades the U.S. Military certified a new machine gun, ammunition, and suppressor at the same time, bringing new innovation, portability, and increased lethality to our ground forces, with all components coming from one company," said Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen.Cohen added that "this certification was achieved following the outstanding performance of the complete MG 338 system through the rigors of the extensive function, durability, and safety tests set forth by USSOCOM."The release notes the new machine gun "bridges the gap" between the current M240 (7.62x51cal) machine gun and the M2 (.50cal). The new weapon is "noticeably lighter, weighing only 20 pounds, and[…]

  • Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic Miracle

    Jan 18, 2020 | 03:45 am

    Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic Miracle Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China's Economic MiracleAuthored by Brett Redmayne-Titley via Watching Rome Burn blog,In emulating the American economic raison d’etre, China has attempted to develop its unique capitalist model while ignoring that it too will soon suffer the same fate for the same reason: Unsustainable debt. When examining the recent realities of Chinese banking and finance over the past year it seems the steam that president Xi Jinping touts as powering the engine of his purported economic miracle of a master-planned economy is only a mirage, now almost completely evaporated before his eyes.Like the many other similarly foolish western nations, China seeks only one path out of this fiscal death spiral, one that will likely spell doom and/or revolution in many countries soon: More debt.China is becoming increasingly unable to continue to pay into the base of the world’s largest pyramid scheme of an economy and the cracks in the bubble are showing. This past year, saw three of the 4,279 Chinese lenders almost fail, if not for the massive intervention by the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) of immediate liquidity via more debt. The Chinese economic miracle is built on unsustainable debt-based infrastructure projects over the past[…]

  • Retail Carnage Continues: Bose Lays Off 100s, Shutters All Retail Stores

    Jan 18, 2020 | 03:25 am

    Retail Carnage Continues: Bose Lays Off 100s, Shutters All Retail Stores Retail Carnage Continues: Bose Lays Off 100s, Shutters All Retail StoresTaking the award for Most Continents Covered While Shrinking Retail Footprint this week is Bose, which will be laying off hundreds of employees to close retail stores across the world. The company plans on closing its entire retail footprint in North America, Europe, Japan, and Australia, according to The Verge. It adds up to a total of 119 stores, according to a spokesperson. The closures are slated to happen "over the next few months".And the company was direct in why it was making the move: it stated this week that its products “are increasingly purchased through e-commerce”.The company has had a brick and mortar presence since 1993 and has locations across many shopping centers and malls scattered around the U.S. The stores help showcase the company's headphones, speakers and other hardware. But there are usually similar demo areas in stores like Best Buy, which still sells Bose products. The company hasn't said exactly how many people would be laid off, stating: “Originally, our retail stores gave people a way to experience, test, and talk to us about multi-component, CD and DVD-based home entertainment systems. At the time, it was a radical idea, but we focused on what our customers[…]

  • Western Media Coverage Of Russia As An Exercise In Propaganda

    Jan 18, 2020 | 03:05 am

    Western Media Coverage Of Russia As An Exercise In Propaganda Western Media Coverage Of Russia As An Exercise In PropagandaAuthored by Gilbert Doctorow,The notion of “fake news” has entered our vocabulary as a pejorative term for dissemination of bogus information, usually by social media, sometimes by traditional print and electronic channels which happen to hold positions contradicting the tenets of our conventional wisdom, i.e., liberal democracy. The term has been applied to Russian state owned media such as RT to justify denying such outlets normal journalistic credentials and privileges.In this essay, I will employ the more traditional term propaganda, which I take to mean the manipulation of information which may or may not be factually true in order to achieve objectives of denigrating rivals for influence and power in the world, and in particular for denigrating Russia and the “Putin regime.”The working tools of such propaganda are tendentious determination of what constitutes news, which build on the inherent predisposition of journalism to feature the negative and omit the positive from daily reporting while they carry this predisposition to preposterous lengths the abandonment of journalism’s traditional “intermediation,” meaning provision of necessary context to make sense of the facts set out in the body of a news report. In this regard, the propagandistic[…]

  • 5 Signs of Demonic Possession

    Jan 17, 2020 | 17:58 pm

    With all the current evil in the world, it should come as no surprise that many believe much of it is the result of satanic influences. In fact, sometimes that influence goes so far as actual demonic possession. Seeming cases of demonic possession are on the rise. While even the Church believes that many of […]

  • Ex Astronaut Says Invisible Aliens Are Probably Living Among Us!

    Jan 17, 2020 | 17:53 pm

    Helen Sharman, Britain’s first astronaut recently said that alien lifeforms that are impossible to spot may be living among us. Sharman is not only a former astronaut, but she is also currently a research chemist at the Imperial College of London, so she is hardly a “space cadet!” Sharman, now 56, became the first Briton […]

  • Have You Been Reincarnated?

    Jan 17, 2020 | 17:52 pm

    Have you ever had the feeling that you were experiencing something you had before, or have visited a place you know it was for the first time, and yet, had this eerie sensation that things looked oddly familiar? There are many both metaphysical and more scientific rationales for such feelings of “Déjà vu,” however, one […]

  • UFO Whistleblowing Airman Dead In Freak Accident

    Jan 16, 2020 | 19:31 pm

    Just over a year ago to Karl Wolfe, the UFO community mourned the loss of a retired Air Force sergeant who claimed to have inspected photographs from the far side of the moon that showed alien structures while serving at Langley Air Force Base in 1965. On October 10, 2018, Wolfe (74) was riding his […]

  • Anti-Sharia Texas Mayor Runs For Congress

    Jan 15, 2020 | 17:43 pm

    Republican Beth Van Duyne became Mayor of Irving, Texas, in 2011 – a post she held until 2017. That year, the GOP leader made headlines by coming out openly against Muslim tribunals in her suburban Dallas community. Van Duyne vowed to protect the United States Constitution (the law of the land) from foreign incursions such […]

  • Mysterious Disappearances In The Alaska Triangle

    Jan 14, 2020 | 18:36 pm

    Recently, I wrote an article for TheDailyConspiracy.com called “USS Cyclops Lost To The Bermuda Triangle” which detailed the strange story of the USS Cyclops which vanished without a trace in March 1918 while sailing through this infamous aquatic area. Most people are familiar with the spooky and treacherous waters bounded by Puerto Rico, the southern tip […]

  • Shocking Revelations in Elvis Autopsy

    Jan 13, 2020 | 17:38 pm

    Since his apparent demise more than 40 years ago in 1977, few celebrity deaths have triggered more controversy and conspiracy theories, than that of Elvis Presley. To this day, there are those that say he is not dead, and Elvis sightings continue to make tabloid headlines. Elvis would have turned 85 on January 8, and […]

  • Tiny Houses Shelter Homeless Veterans

    Jan 10, 2020 | 17:14 pm

    On any given night, more than 37,000 veterans are homeless in the United States. This is no way to treat our citizens who served to protect our lives and liberties. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), the nation’s homeless veterans are predominantly male (91%), single, urban dwellers, and suffer from mental illness, […]

  • Mayan Stone Carvings Show First Alien Contact

    Jan 10, 2020 | 17:12 pm

    In March 2017, an astonishing archaeological find was made in a cave located near Veracruz, Mexico. Two carved stone artifacts appear to show aliens with spacecraft interacting with humans. The stones have been authenticated as genuine – yet this important find has been ignored by mainstream media sources. Deep in the lush forest on the […]

  • New York City Was a Hot Bed for UFO Sightings in 2019

    Jan 10, 2020 | 17:11 pm

    As the year came to a close, NYC wound up at the top of the lists for the “best of” many things in 2019. And, it just may be that the Big Apple’s reputation as the place to visit has stretched beyond the globe! NYC seems to have been visited by more “ETs” in 2019 […]